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Illinois has so many different colleges and schools that the majority of the prospective students in the state can find a school that offers the degree program they are looking for.

Some students, however, either don't live close enough to a college or they have a situation that prevents them from being able to attend classes every day for four years. These students can often be helped via online courses. Online classes are offered by dedicated online schools and traditional colleges. Some schools are 100% online while others offer a combination of both types of classes. You can find out what types of classes are offered in your town.

Graphic design is one of those fields that a lot of students find both fun and profitable. The role of the graphic designer has really changed in the past decade due to the rise of digital and computer software. To get started in this field, you generally should have a 4-year college degree. However, interested and ambitious students can take classes online, or at a local community college or even at a state college if you sign up as a non-degree seeking student. Academia has some nice articles about this sort of thing.


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